Planning Storage in Your Home

Whether you are looking to employ a tradesman to put in some new shelves or are undergoing a whole house renovation, its worthwhile thinking about storage. Some interior designers suggest 10% of the space in your home should be given over to storage. No matter how lovely the overall look of your home or room, it can be ruined with too much clutter. So, how do you start?

Think about the house as a whole, where will you store bedlinen etc? Ideally, think about storing bedlinen upstairs to save you running up and down stairs getting sheets etc. 

Draw a simple diagram of each room in your home or the room you are renovating and try to think where in that room you will put shelves, cupboards, wardrobes etc. Map out on the diagram where the units should be. This will give you a clearer layout of the room and plan how it will be used. For example, children’s rooms often have lots of cuddly toys. Why not think of a shelf dedicated to cuddly toys so while they are in view for your child, they are out of the way and not cluttering up the room. 

Think about what kind of finish you want. Do you want open shelves? Maybe in a glass cupboard? Some storage units can be a real feature while others e.g. shoe storage units should be more discreet. 

Your goal should be having a room whose storage works but it pleasing to the eye and crucially not too big. Check out Ken Pawley carpentry on the nocowboys website for examples of beautiful, wooden storage. And remember, Ken’s work is vetted and verified!



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