This Month's Colour Palette: Gorgeous Green


Green is everywhere this year. From soft apple pastels to deepest, darkest mosses it’s a great restful and clean colour, perfectly in keeping with Springtime. Green is particularly good when used on walls near windows or sliding doors as it draws the eye outwards so that there seems to be a continuum from the house to the outside space. 

Before using green, or working out exactly what shade might work, think about the orientation of the room you are using it in. If it is a north facing room, you’ll need a warmer, emerald based green to bring warmth to a room with less light. Rooms that get more sunlight can afford to have cooler, more blue-based greens in them. Think about using greens of different shades and textures in a room e.g. dark and mid green together. Using one paint colour and then different tones of the same throughout the room in the forms of accessories, cushions and rugs can work very well, adding interest and style to the room. 


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